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THE TRANSDUCER RESEARCH FOUNDATION (TRF) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to stimulate research in science and engineering, with emphasis on technologies related to transducers, microsystems, and nanosystems, and to foster the exchange of ideas and information between academic, industrial, and government researchers.

TRF sponsors conferences, workshops, seminars and short courses in the microsystems industry. TRF is the sponsor of the biennial "Workshop on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems" that has become popularly known as the "Hilton Head Workshop" because it has been held in Hilton Head, SC since its inception in 1984. The spirit of these TRF meetings are to provide ample opportunities for discussion and networking along with a technical track of the highest quality. All proceeds raised during their sponsored events go back into the conference for future years and to scholarship funds to enable student travel and participation at various conferences throughout the world. TRF considers student participation at these conference a key element to the success of the meetings and the growth of the microsystems industry. Training, mentoring, networking, idea exchange, and furthering the research and development interests for sensors, actuators, and microsystems are among the objectives of these meetings. Student participation is essential to accomplish these objectives.

TRF welcomes inquiries from groups who wish to apply for TRF sponsorship of proposed topical Workshops and Conferences that are consistent with the TRF mission. If your organization would like to explore any of these options for TRF sponsorship or student travel grants, please contact a TRF Officer/Director, or by contacting us at for further information.

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