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Today, we see exciting new nanostructures, new nanodevices, and new applications for nanotechnology emerging every day. Missing is a coherent vision, process or plan for the growth of a real NanoManufacturing Industry. The Workshop on Future Technologies for Micro/Nano Manufacturing was initiated by the Transducers Research Foundation as the first in a series of topical meetings with the goal of exploring emerging issues to North American Engineering Technological Communities and the goal of this Workshop is to develop a technology vision for the future of micro-nano manufacturing and to articulate opportunities. We have been fortunate that our first topic selection has generated exceptional interest among industrial, academic and government leaders. The report by the President's Executive Commission on Advanced Science and Technology and the recent announcement by the Obama Administration of a new, $500M Initiative on Advanced Manufacturing earlier this month has amplified this interest.

The Organizing Committee of the Workshop will prepare a final report containing the recommendations that emerge from this Workshop. This report will be shared with the federal agencies that are developing advanced manufacturing programs in response to the President's recently announced Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (

Program Overview:

Day 1 - The Workshop opens with a presentation by Dr. Greg Tassey, Senior Economist at NIST, who has done extensive work studying U.S. Manufacturing and will discuss rationales and mechanisms to revitalize U.S. manufacturing R&D. This presentation will be followed by a presentation summarizing the recently released PCAST Study on Advanced Manufacturing. The afternoon will be devoted to the contributed poster session where attendees will have a chance to familiarize themselves with the most recent advances in manufacturing at the micro and nano scale. The day ends with an informal chat and extensive Q&A with MEMS pioneer Dr. Kurt Petersen, who will talk about his experiences commercializing micro/nano enabled products, and the unique challenges of manufacturing in this space.

Day 2 - This day is designed to be a 'depth dive' on a variety of advanced manufacturing technologies. We will hear first from plenary speaker Prof. Chad Mirkin of Northwestern University, after which we'll spend the day hearing invited talks on some of the newest advanced manufacturing technologies at the micro/nano scale. The day concludes with a dinner on the veranda overlooking the golf course.

Day 3 - This day is structured the engage the entire workshop in developing ideas and recommendations for strengthening domestic manufacturing at the micro/nano scale. The day opens with a plenary presentation by Dr. Kaigham Gabriel, Deputy Director of DARPA, and is followed by two panel discussions. The first panel will be comprised of representatives from NSF, DoE, NIST, and DoD to discuss the various agencies perspective on manufacturing. This will be followed by a panel of experts from industry who will discuss challenges of manufacturing at the micro-nano scale. In the afternoon, the workshop will be broken up into working groups based upon several different themes, and the groups will be asked to develop ideas and recommendations. The workshop will conclude with a briefing on the recommendations of the working groups. These briefing materials will be a central part of the final report of the meeting.

Leaders and Innovators are invited and we encourage everyone to participate in this timely meeting.

Tom Kenny - Stanford University, USA
Marty Schmidt - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

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