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Keynote Speakers

Preliminary Program

Prof. Michel Bergeron
Title: Revolutionizing Medicine Through "Rapid DNA-Based Diagnostics"

Prof. Masayuki Yamato
Title: Cell Sheet Engineering for Regenerative Medicine

Prof. Miriam Goodman
Title: Pushing to Pull Open Mechanotransduction Channels in C. Elegans Touch Receptor Neurons

Prof. Adela Ben-Yakar
Title: Femtosecond Laser Nanosurgery Lab-On-A-Chip for Decrypting the Genetic Makeup of Nerve Regeneration in C. Elegans

Prof. Donald Ingber
Title: Tensegrity and Biological Design: Mechanical Engineering of Living Cells

Prof. Deborah Leckband
Title: Adhesion and Mechanotransduction At Cell-Cell Junctions

Prof. Rustem Ismagilov
Title: Using Microfluidics to Understand How Spatial Effects Can Control Dynamics of Complex Networks

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